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API Specification Q1 9th Edition to Addendum 2
21/02/2019 ::
Monogramming API 20E and API 20F Bolting
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12/02/2019 ::
API Monogram Audit Frequency Update
02/01/2019 ::
API 17D Reaffirmed 2018
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12/02/2019 - API Monogram Audit Frequency Update

Annual Audits

In response to industry requests and a recent API Monogram Program Board decision to enhance Program integrity, API announce that Monogram-only Program participants will be audited ANNUALLY.
This means that during a 3-year licensing cycle, each facility will undergo one renewal audit and two surveillance audits.
The surveillance audits will be performed to ensure consistent manufacturing of product that meets the applicable API product specification.
Typically, surveillance audits will be shorter in duration and will focus on the verification of conformance to product specification requirements under the established quality management system (QMS).
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