21/02/2019 ::
API Specification Q1 9th Edition to Addendum 2
21/02/2019 ::
Monogramming API 20E and API 20F Bolting
16/02/2019 ::
12/02/2019 ::
API Monogram Audit Frequency Update
02/01/2019 ::
API 17D Reaffirmed 2018
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21/02/2019 - Monogramming API 20E and API 20F Bolting

Bolting less than 1" containerization and marking

In accordance with the marking requirements of API Specification 20E (Clause 8.2) and API Specification 20F (Clause 8.2), which allow for the containerization of bolting less than 1 in. nominal diameter, licensees may now apply the Monogram Mark to the containers.
The containers must also identify the applicable license number, the manufacturer’s name and date of manufacture as required by the License Agreement.
A copy of API notification can be found at API Website


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